Credit Information

Credit Info


Most people are aware of the three credit reporting agencies, Trans Union, Eperian (formerly TRW), and Equifax. The average difference in score between the highest and lowest of the three scores can be up to 75 points. This is the result of each credit bureau reporting different information on their report. Some are correct and some are incorrect, and some which are not reporting at all. These errors can cost you tens of though sands of dollars of unnecessary interest over the course of the loan.

Our Process:   Easy 1-2-3

Review Report

Explain to client what needs to be done in order to raise their score.

Time/Cost Estimate

Explain how we calculate the time and fee that it would cost to work on their file.

Make it Official

Get the paperwork to client to fill out and send payment to begin work.

Step 1: Review Credit Report Step 1
Step 2: Estimate Time and Cost for Credit Repair Step 2
Step 3: Begin Credit Repair Step 3